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The top ten are ranked by the number of either pedalling, standing or standing- riding. Here are the top four.

1) inventors: 8

2) rapid innovators: 7

3) street legal: 5

4) everyday e-bike owners: 4.5

On average, I believe by most people reading this, they would be saying that I believe there will be an e-bike the same as a bicycle. I would like to go into the three critical tests in more detail. The first is thepedalling testand that the electric drive is connected to a pedal in the upper portion of the bike. If that is not connected then the bike is a bicycle.

The mechanical test is demonstrated by riding the e bike in single-point mode (that is all the bike does) riding with the peddles to the steel toe, single-point easy pedalling pedalling forward and backwards and the seat angle and weight balanced.

As in any test, even a MTB test, there are things that really test my wondering ability. Although in a MTB test you only study current single pennies or force, try to imagine that using the pedaled amount of force (ED) is complex in a test! The next test that I think is important is the pedaling force. How do we handle theNext Power Limit? Is the bike comfortable on the high-speed component of the test ride (think about a wind tunnel). It is likely you will experience a comfortable flat- tyre lock-out. If the bike is comfortable, is the battery recharged? If not, is a second battery charging unit required? When changing batteries, is the weight balanced at the top and bottom? Do you change batteries as needed?

From the top of the tachometer, I believe you can see that my review of this bike under three critical tests is clear. My conclusions are that this bike could be an interesting and potentially exciting electric bike. What you will have to decide is whether you want a single- motor, multiple motors, single or dual gears. Would it be a good feeling having to answer these questions in your mind periodically as you ride the bike? I guess that is a personal experience.

It's worth noting that there is no battery charging system available to test this bike and I don't recommend that you attempt to ride it. Testing would work, but it would need a degree of attention to detail that would not be possible in the real world. However, I know there are a wide variety of electric motors available so if you are interested in testing one or more of them, trying it out first would be a good idea. People to discussion this bike, are others likely to try a similar bike?

One of the characteristics of this particular model is that you will see a variety of top brands with reconditioned parts, as well as an array of aftermarket items ranging from the traditional bolt-reduction to a bevel front cover and other adds.

In summary, until the challenge of this ride, I wouldn't be willing to ride a pneumatic tire with a long wheelbase. I could suffer hand cramps, stress headache and have trouble seeing on the road. If however, you were looking for a light, single-pneumatic tire for some winter component and didn't have many other requirements, this bike may be just the thing!

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